BMW i3 REx: World’s  Longest Range  Plug-in Hybrid

Imagine this car is announced only now, and only in Europe, for the 2022 model year

A plug-in hybrid with how much all-electric range? 50 km? Okay. 100 km? Sounds too good to be true. 200 km? Unbelievable

But that's what Americans get for the deal: a relatively expensive European city car that's also a plug-in hybrid and offers an all-electric range

BMW decided not to call it a plug-in hybrid – and that's part of the problem.

Now Europeans are buying plug-in hybrids en masse, but when it comes to the all-electric range they do much worse than the plug-in hybrid i3 REX.

On a long holiday trip, they emit as much CO₂ as other hybrids

Because You Probably Won't Use Chargers Even If You Encounter Them Along The Way

If only BMW had built a separate chain of stores, in which the i3 — or the Mega City Vehicle as it was originally known, too bad BMW did not keep that name — would be the main product displayed

The good news is that regular BMW dealerships in the US might start selling sizable numbers of EVs quite soon.