The Devel 16 is a Hypercar that Sounds Insane

The Devel 16 is probably one of the biggest enigmas when it comes to hypercars and supercars

Many of us probably doubted its existence and whether it would ever come to life at all.

However, all of that waiting looks like it might pay off, as the Devel 16 is real, and it exists

The car is 5.3 meters long with a very elegant drop down the back end

The exhausts produce a vortex that can split flames and the design of the outlet helps to guard people against that flame

The front and the “hood” pops open to reveal a frunk, or front trunk.

The V8 engine makes a pretty unique sound too, and the aim is to have the car make 2,000 hp with a top speed of 248 mph, while the V16 should have 3,000 hp!

Devel 16 cost - $2.2 million