Electric Chery Omoda 5 coming to Australia next year

The new Electric Car based on Chery's first new model for Australia, the Omoda 5 small SUV

The Electric Omoda 5 will offer up to 450 km of driving range

“The Omoda 5 BEV [battery-electric vehicle] is much better than the MG ZS EV.

Chery executives also hinted at a plug-in hybrid version of the Omoda 5

It can a zero to 80 per cent fast charge in 40 minutes, and a five-hour “slow charge” on a home ‘wallbox’ charger

The interior with a pretty twin-screen setup and tiny air vents that are nicely integrated in the dashboard

Price - between $AU57,850 and $AU64,300

Price - between $AU57,850 and $AU64,300