Why don’t electric cars have solar panels on the roof? We explain

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While electric vehicles are finally gaining much-deserved popularitythere are still a few roadblocks to their wider acceptability

The prime reasons - lack of charging infrastructure in the form of fast-charging stations, range anxiety and the time taken to charge such vehicles

To address these issues, few car companies have started working on solar-powered electric cars

Several fast-charging stations have started installing canopies of solar panels that make charging electric vehicles faster and more affordable

One of the best examples of solar-powered electric cars is Sono Sion which is still under development by Germany-based Sono Motors since 2017.

USA-based car company Fisker introduced Ocean SUV with a solar roof in 2021

However, in practical, current solar cell technologies have low efficiency of around 15-25% for solar panels.

This low efficiency adds to the long list of other challenges like cloudy weather, haze and low sun angles, which might not be enough to generate enough electricity required to charge the batteries optimally.

Another big concern is the limited surface area for installing solar cells in a vehicle.