Volkswagen has confirmed the earlier rumors about the revival of the Scout brand and has offered details about its intentions

Volkswagen’s U.S. adventure is a prime example of monumental failure.

Volkswagen will create a separate, independent company to make the r evived Scout brand successful.

Everything about Scout will be new for Volkswagen, although it might not necessarily be entirely new.

The long-time partnership with Ford might indicate that Scout could use some of Ford's know-how in electric vehicles.

Not only will the architecture be new for Volkswagen, but it will also be a sales model for the electric trucks and SUVs that Scout will produce in early 2026.

Volkswagen wants a direct-sales model, similar to that used by other EV makers in the US and elsewhere.

It will also open the tap for private investors to finance the new company, without any burden on Volkswagen's coffers.