Arizona Title Transfer Guide

Washington title transfer

Washington title transfer.

 Are you looking for how to transfer your car title in Washington? Here is everything that you need to know about car title transfer Washington. And hopefully this will be of great help.

Washington title transfer
Washington title transfer

 Usually the title of a car is an Official Document that includes all the details related to the vehicle along with information about both previous and current owners of the vehicle. The title of the vehicle is typically made to the lending Institution if the car has a loan taken on it. In some cases it may happen that two parties own the car. In that case, the title will include the names of both the people.


 What to do for title transfer in Washington?

When you usually buy your vehicle from a dealership, you do not have to put much work and effort because a lot of the paperwork is taken care of by the dealers itself. The only essential part that you need is your driver’s license to complete the official transfer.

 However if you buy the vehicle from a private party, you will have to submit the original title from the seller along with the bill of sale. An odometer disclosure statement will also be required if the car is less than 10 years old. You have to contact the department of licensing or visit them in person to obtain this. In some counties of Washington, an emission test upon transfer is also required.

 What is the total cost for a car transfer title in Washington?

 In Washington the standard service fee is 12 dollars and usually it does not cost anything else if you are able to register your title officially  within 15 days of purchase date. However on the 16th day, a $50 fee will be charged and the fines will keep on increasing by $2 everyday. So it is suggested to go ahead with the title transfer as soon as possible after the Purchase so that you can avoid the extra fees.

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