Tesla For Sale in Tampa, FL – Consumer Auto Credit



Tesla For Sale in Tampa, FL - Consumer Auto Credit
Tesla For Sale in Tampa, FL – Consumer Auto Credit

Tesla is an American electric vehicle, which is more expensive as compared to traditional or hybrid vehicles. 

Tesla has a starting price of around $80,000 for a Model X & about $40,000 for a Model 3.  The demand for Tesla’s cars has increased because of its modern design, innovative technology and high performance, which makes the cars a green energy favorite. 

As the demand of tesla increases, the supplier started trading the car through an online platform, this also makes easy for buyers to buy the car without visiting the showroom. 

There are the following sites where you can also buy your tesla: 

2013 Tesla Model S Performance
2013 Tesla Model S Performance

CARVANA.COM has 100% online process which eliminates the middlemen, so you get a lower price from the start, as there are no commissions, no pressure, and no hidden fees. 

This will Save your $1,400 on average compared to traditional dealerships.   You can have your tesla delivered right at your driveway or you can also pick it up from one of their car vending machines, this is completely your choice. 

CARVANA.COM has a wide range of Tesla’s in Tampa, FL, where you will get your Tesla delivered at your doorsteps in just 2 days. 

CARVANA.COM provides you:   

  • An opportunity of choosing from the wide range of Tesla on the basis of: 
  • Make & model of Tesla. 
  • Body type like Coupe, Truck, Sedan and many more. 
  • The year on which the car launched & the milage of a car maximum of 118000 miles. 
  • Features like Comfort, Tech, Entertainment, Safety & Utility. 
  • Driver type as front & rear wheel. 
  • Transmission, color & many more.  
  • Here, you will also get free shipping on your every purchase. 
  • You can also finance your Tesla with them as they provide loan facility, which will not impact your credit. 
  • Here, you can get your Tesla starts from $7,990 to $152,498. 
  • You can easily apply for a loan here with calculated monthly payments & can take your Tesla just by paying a small amount of down payment. 

Just visit CARVANA.COM & Avail the quality services at your doorsteps. 


TRUECAR.COM is a leading & a popular automotive online marketplace which makes car buying and selling easy, transparent and efficient. 

TRUECAR.COM was Founded in 2005, It has now built a trusted brand and has a strong reputation of providing consumers with useful tools, research, market context and pricing transparency. 

They have a partnership with various Certified Dealers, to help millions of their buyer to find the right new or used vehicle that meets your needs & also delivering a great consumer experience, personalized and efficient too. 

In TrueCar select your desired Tesla & experience the quality service they provide: 

  • Here, you can choose your Tesla from 937 Tesla’s listed with them. 
  • You will have an excellent price with maximum discounts. 
  • Here, you will get Convertible, Hatchback, SUV & Sedan at the fair & market price. 
  • At every car selection, you will get the full information related to car like: miles car travelled, condition, no. of owners & use type. 
  • Here, you can also select from: 
  • Fleet vehicles: Vehicles which are owned or leased by any business rather than an individual person.    
  • Rental vehicles: Vehicles used in the rental capacity. 
  • They also provide loan facility or easy financial benefits with easy payment options. 
  • They have a Tesla, which is certified from the pre owner of the car. 

At TrueCars.com, they have a wide range of Tesla, in Tampa, FL.  

Here, you will get the top-quality services & market value of your car, you can also sell your Tesla in exchange of your new Tesla. 

So, visit them & get your desired Tesla.