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 INTRODUCTION:  With the evaluation of technology, the buying & selling pattern in the market is changing. 

Mostly people are adopting the purchasing method through online mediums as they find it to be more convenient. 

In online purchase, customer also gets better after sales service, than the conventional physical market places.  

Here are some online websites and reviews for you, which might be useful in taking decisions while purchasing your dream car:    


car buy sell

Consumer Auto Credit, also known as 813 Trucks is the most trusted car discovery website. 

The site is visited by 1000 of verified car buyers across the world every month.  

With 813 you can easily buy cars in just a few simple steps.  

813 Trucks aim is to fulfill every buyer expectation with the quality offerings and better services. 



  • Consumer Auto Credit offers their car buyers competitively priced vehicles and services. 
  • With their friendly and experienced staff, you will find a vehicle that fits your budget and lifestyle. 
  • You can also schedule your test drive in this site. 
  • You will get here a wide range of cars with latest models. 
  • You can also compare your choices of cars and select your fit. 
  • Through this site you will get featured vehicle, which you can find by: 
  • Pricing of vehicles. 
  • Popular brands of cars.  
  • Popular body styles of cars. 
  • Popular make models of cars. 
  • You can also chat with the assistance on their site. 
  • If you are looking for a pre-owned vehicle, with lots of useful life left, then you will get lots of options there too. 
  • You can also select, purchase by special orders in which you have the chance to buy directly from their trusted dealers. 
  •  You can buy their vehicles at wholesale price also. 
  • On this site you also have the chance to have the vehicle inspection to make sure that you are getting exactly what you are expecting. 
  • You will also find a secure financial loan by simply filling an application form online. 
  • You can also check their sites regarding availability of the cars. 
  •  Their main Purpose is to empower their customers to find exactly what they need with the clicking of a button. 
  • You can also get their dealership by contacting them online. 
  • They also have their business hours mention on their website so you can contact them on time.  
  • You can also find their best service center near your location through their site. 
  • They also have their experts who will guide and advise you on your purchase and services. 
  • You can also get all the information just by mailing them on their mail address. 
  • You can also contact them through other social networking sites like: 
  • Facebook. 
  • They have the various payments options like: 
  • Checks. 
  • Debit cards. 
  • Credit cards. 
  • Loan finance. 



Begin your search via choosing one of the most famous cars like Chevrolet, Ford or Honda.  

You can shop from millions through this website., had created many car enthusiasts who are happy to connect with their trusted car dealers around the world. 

It is trusted by the nearly 100 million buyers who visit us each year.  

Founded on faith, emerges from a lot of small vehicle dealership over 20 years ago. 

With industry information and understanding and an outlook towards the future,  founders’ idea is “wouldn’t it be so much easier to make customers happy if we could find anything and everything they were looking for?” 



  • With a wide range of body styles of cars, you can choose one which fit your lifestyle.  
  • This site will help you in getting splendid new deals for your next automobile purchase.   
  • With budget friendly and various shopping tools like: 
  • Auto financing: Fast and easy approved auto loans. 
  • Auto loan calculator: Calculate auto loan online. 
  • Shop by payment: Pay with our easy monthly payment options. 
  • With their complete pricing equipment, they will make sure you buy smart. 
  • You can buy both used and new cars as per your need. 
  • You can check out the best deal possibilities on your next ride. 
  • Shop all new vehicles and models available nowadays at our depended dealerships. 
  • Research and compare millions of used cars added daily from our reliable local dealers. 


CARS.COM: is a virtual market platform. 

This site connects millions of car shoppers with the sellers. 

Started in the year of 1998, with headquarter situated in Chicago. 

This site empowers consumers with data, resources and digital tools needed to make informed buying decisions. 

In a hastily changing marketplace, permits dealerships and OEMs with progressive technical solutions. properties include DealerRater®,
Dealer Inspire®,™,® and®. has an award-winning brand, experienced teams and the skill full employees in the industry.  


  • This site and their innovative solutions connect many buyers and sellers and match them with their perfect car. 
  • This site will provide you various online tools & expert advices. 
  • You will get side by side Comparisons. 
  • You can calculate your monthly payment calculator and estimate your monthly payments. 
  • You can find here certified pre-owned cars. 
  • You can also get a review from the buyers. 
  • You will get here great dealership and amazing customer services. 
  • Find cars for sale, local dealers, and advice. 
  • Their price-badging and price-drop notifications keep you informed regarding their potential deals. 
  • Their very own experts will offer you unbiased coverage of today’s automotive landscape. 
  • You can also view side-by-side comparisons, payment calculators, video reviews, and consumer reviews on their site. 
  • Stay up to date on the latest selling advice from their experts. 



After analyzing from all of the above website 813Trucks  is the best.  

As in 813 you will get the solution of all points associated with selling an existing car, or purchasing a pre-loved one. 

At the time of your buying, you will get a quick, easy, fair, transparent, hassle (and haggle) free process.  

They also provide free assistance and will guide you regarding your purchases as per your need.  

Choose them and visit to their website and let them help you in getting your dream car. 



We provide our all buyers a finance option so that they can purchase their desired car. 

We have an experienced staff and workers who help our buyers in understanding their needs and help in selecting car within their budget. 

In US, Consumer auto becomes the number one car information provider and finance provider. 

 Here, at Consumer Auto Credit we are not just providing our buyers credit on their vehicle purchase but also provide many quality services. 

Visit us at, we are always available for you. 

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