Kansas Title Transfer

Kansas Title Transfer

Kansas DMV Registration Renew
Kansas DMV Registration Renew

When you buy a car, you need to make sure that you have the car title. Similarly, if you are selling or exchanging your car, you will need to transfer the car title. Kansas Title Transfer is relatively easier than other states. You need to have some basic documents and you will be good to go.

For title transfer, you will need to have-

  • A registration certificate
  • Complete car inspection to see if it is fit for selling
  • Proof that your car meets the pollution control guidelines
  • Insurance on your car
  • Buyer and seller’s driving license


Apart from these basic files, you will need to pay a title transfer fee to initiate the process. In Kansas, the fee is about $10, which is much lesser than other places. If your car is brought in a different state, you would need to fill an additional fee during the title transfer procedure.


If you buy a car on loan, you will be eligible for the car title once you have cleared your loan and paid the amount to your bank. Unfortunately, some people don’t have the patience of completing the registration process and don’t draft the car title. This can turn out to be a huge problem when-


  • You plan to sell, exchange, gift or donate your car


  • You have to pay your taxes to the Government


We would advise you to complete the process of acquiring your car title because then, you won’t have to face any issues during Kansas Title transfer. If you are buying a second hand car, make sure your seller has all the credentials and the title transfer procedure in place. And if you are the seller, be transparent with your car details and let your buyer know the specifications of your car.

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