Texas Auto Credit A Auto  loan Company was started in the year 2008.

The reason for establishing Texas Auto Credit, is to create a culture within the business where their employees are dedicated & honest towards their core values while building a trusting & long-term relationship with business as well as with their precious customers and dealers. First Texas Auto Credit has their knowledgeable staffs, who ensure that all their customers will have an enjoyable & painless experience.

Are you are looking for buying any used or new vehicle? Then, stop your search here. Just visit First Texas Auto Credit at your location today and ask them, to help you in getting your desired vehicle with less finance cost & also stop wasting your precious time on traveling to banks or credit unions for vehicle credit. As here, in First Texas Auto Credit you can also apply for a loan!! They have an experienced staffs & experts with them.

So, if you are having a question in your mind, then, don’t be afraid to get your questions answered! The following are the facilities first Texas Auto Credit provides to their customers: 1. Find a local dealer: At Texas Auto Credit, you can request your financing, just by providing your information & filing all the details, their dealership will contact you soon. You can also jointly apply for this, but your co-applicant must be 18 years or older. Along with your personal details, Texas Auto Credit will give you the benefit of deciding your desired payments regarding:

  • Cash down payment.
  • Monthly payment.
  • Loan amount.

1. Easy payment options: Texas Auto Credit has 4 easy payment options:

  •  Online payment, this is an easy & most convenient option of every customer. They have a separate payment portal myportalpay. com from where you can pay at your comfort level. Along with the payment they will also manage your account, so that you will get a track record of all your payments.


  • Pay on call, you can also pay just by calling them. Call them anytime 24/7 at their number (469) 637-0100 or (855) 389-2886 and just follow the instruction. You can also make a payment with an authorized checking/savings account (account and routing # required) & also with your credit/debit card. If you choose this option, then only an administrative fee of $3.95 will be charged by the payment processing company.


  • Pay by mail, you can also make a payment via mail too. Just mail your payment details to their office address and just make sure that you must include your account number on the check or money order whatever you are using.


  • Pay in person, you can also personally visit them & make your payments. You can get their address & business hour on hoursanddirections.

2. Improve credit score: Here, you will get a First Texas Auto Credit report to Equifax and TransUnion.

But what does that mean for you? It simply means that you have an opportunity in your hand now to improve your credit score, just by paying on time. On time payments of your dues will assist you in getting back a better credit, that will make your future credit transactions easier. Paying on time, will also reduce the amount of accrued interest on your account. They also have a facility like by paying an extra $10, $15 or $20 you can shorten the length of time of your contract which will reduce the overall dues you need to pay.

3. Vehicle history report: Texas Auto Credit, will provide your vehicle car fax report. By visiting the site CARFAX.com you will get the facilities like:

  •  Purchase of used car.
  •  CARFAX reports of your vehicle.
  •  Find your service shop near you.
  •  Track your car maintenance.
  •  Market value of your own car or another car.

4. Dealer portal: They also have a 3-dealer portal, from where you just have to login through your password: ® Franchise Dealers. ® Independent Dealers. ® Platinum Dealers. 6. Employment: Along with credit facilities, texasautocredit/careers also provide employment opportunities. So, if you are interested in joining their trained team & professionals, then you can submit your resume to [email protected].

5. Testimonials: This is the place where you can share your experience with others while dealing with Texas Auto Credit. And also, you can read here the reviews of their happy customers, they have shared their experiences. This will help you in taking decisions & also will guide you with various options.

Some FAQ’s on Bad Credit:

Can I get approval for loan having bad credit?

Yes, In Texas Auto Credit, loans are available for their customers having a bad credit. Texas Auto Credit, also help in improving your credit rating.

Can I get loan approval if I had a bankruptcy earlier?

Yes, In Texas Auto Credit as long as your bankruptcy is discharged or you get an Authorization to Incur Debt from the bankruptcy trustee, you will be eligible to get a vehicle loan.

 Can I use my trade as money down payment?

Yes, only additional money down will be required if you have a lien on the vehicle, you are trading.

How much down payment is required?

The amount of down payment that you will need to pay firstly will be based on various factors like your credit profile, the total amount you’re financing that is the loan amount, and your monthly installments.

Can I qualify for credit if I had a repossession?

Yes, but in this case, you need to pay greater money down payments & this may vary from cases to cases.

First Texas Auto Credit is one of the proudest auto credit company, who provide their contribution to society by involving in charity activities. First Texas Auto Credit always feels proud that they support the Lone Survivor Foundation. The Lone Survivor Foundation helps in restoring, empowering and renewing hopes for their wounded service members and their families by providing them health, wellness, and therapeutic support.

First Texas Auto Credit, is the best Auto credit company who provides you the solution of all your vehicle finance problems.

Just contact them today and one of their friendly representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also contact them on their: Office phone no.: (469) 637-0100 Toll Free no.: (855) 389-2886 Fax no.: (469) 637-0110

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