Pennsylvania (PA) DMV Car Title Transfer Guide [Latest Information Updated]

Transfer A Vehicle Title In Pennsylvania (PA)

Want to buy a new car? Well, give a test ride, choose the best car that you like, hit a payment. In general, this is the scenario while you are buying a car. However, if you want to register a car in PA, this would be slightly different. Want to know? Well, here it is.

Pennsylvania has a different set of rules and regulations for title transfer in pa for new cars, inherent cars, or gifting cars. Even if you do not know the procedure of car title transfer, no worry. Because, here is the Pennsylvania (PA) DMV car title transfer guide to help you.

For this pa title transfer, the buyer and seller should go to the DMV for the signature on the notarized form. In general, the holder will get the car title through the mail.

In some states, anyone of them can go to the DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles). However, both the seller and buyer should go to the office for the registration office.

Are you curious to know more about how to sell a car in pa, registering a car, costs, and many more? If yes, then without any delay just go ahead right now.

Things that buyer and seller should know

There are a few documents and requirements that both the seller and buyer need to submit at the office. So, even if you don’t know what and all need to be submitted, no worry. Here are the few things that both the buyer and seller must know before buying or selling the car respectively. So if you are looking for how to sell a car in pa you must read the seller guide below.

PA title transfer costs

Seller Guide:

The seller at the PA should submit a few documents as mentioned below.

  • Provide the current title with all the details including mileage, etc. Make sure you do not sign the title before arriving at the office. Because the state employee should witness while you are signing the car title.
  • A valid state-issued ID is required.
  • After signing the title, you have to remove the license plates. And these are put on to a new vehicle or else keep aside. But these should not be given to the buyer.

Buyer Guide:

To register a car in PA, the seller also goes through the few processes at the office. Usually, the buyer needs to complete several steps when compared to the seller. Here are the complete steps.

  • Provide insurance on the car along with the proof before transferring the car title. This should be done as soon as you and the seller visit the DMV office.
  • Then, you should sign on the car title papers before the state employee. You should not sign on the title before coming to the office. Because the state employee should witness while you are signing the car title.
  • Provide a state-issued driver license.
  • Fill all the details in the title such as name, address, personal information, etc.
  • You should complete the application for registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles only. Note that it would not be obtained online. So, you must go to the DMV office for the completion of Vehicle Sales and Use Tax Return registrations.
  • Usually, PA title transfer costs lie in between the range of 50 USD to 55 USD. The amount must be paid at the time of registration.
  • Moreover, you should also pay a sales tax. And this sales tax is not the same for all the PA locations. So, it varies for different locations. However, the sales tax will be 6% to 8% of the car sales price.
  • That’s it. You have finally registered the title name. Now, you can take the car at the time of registration or you have to wait for 10 days. After that, you can enjoy a sweet ride in your new car.

This is all about buying and selling a car in Pennsylvania. But what if you want to gift a car? What might be the procedure? Want to know? Yup. Here it is.

Inheriting or Gifting a Car in PA

Well, even if you want to gift or inherit a car, the rules will be almost the same with slight changes. Both the seller and buyer should come to the office for the signature and rest of the registration process.

When you are gifting a car, the extra document “Affidavit of Gift” needs to be submitted. That’s it. Rest everything is the same as mentioned above.

However, when you are inheriting the car, you should come to the office. And the process might vary based on the situation. The laws of PA for inherited vehicles are complex and it will provide you a complete inherent vehicle guide.

How to Get a New Title if Old Title has Lost

duplicate car title in pa

Sometimes, you might lose the title. Have you ever lost the car title? However, no worry. Because you can get your vehicle title by applying for the duplicate title. How to apply? Here is the process. Just follow it.

  • Usually, the process is pretty simple. The request for the duplicate title can be done online. All you need to do is just mail them.
  • The title owner should fill the application form of MV-380.
  • For this, you have to pay 53 USD. Usually, the address would be mentioned in the form and you have to send money to that address.
  • In return, PennDOT mails your duplicate title soon.
  • Moreover, if there is any finance, then the lienholder should complete Section-D and sgn on it.

That’s it, then you can avail of your duplicate title.

Transferring Car Title to Family Member

Basically, everything is the same even if you transfer a car title to your family member. The only extra thing is the sales tax. Didn’t get my point? Let me explain to you in detail here.

The title owner should pay a sales tax and this is based on the market value but not on the sales price. However, there might be some exceptional cases and rules for PA car title registration. So, you should contact PennDOT to know more about it.

Transferring A Car Title if Owner has Died

This is one of the different cases to transfer a car title in PA. Usually, both buyer and seller should come to the office for car title registration. But when a car owner has died, you need to submit his death certificate.

If the car title has both husband and wife ownership, then you can complete the notification application of vehicle title in the death of owner form or MV-39.

If you do not have a death certificate, don’t worry. You can even have a doctor or physician to complete the form.

PA Resident Buying Car Out-of-Station

The process would be different for the PA resident who buys the vehicles in out-of-station. Don’t know the procedure? No worry. Here is everything that you want in brief.

  • The vehicle receives a temporary number plate. This number plate would be issued by the agent at the office.
  • You should complete the MV-1 form. Also, you need to pay money or check to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the title, sales tax, fee, lien, etc.
  • If you take the vehicle under finance, then you will be under the lien holder list. The state employee mention in the documents as a lienholder. After completing the finance, the new lien holder will be listed on the MV-1 form. For this, you also need to pay the fee.

These are the few things that you should remember for out-of-state vehicles. This is all about the registering car in PA. For PA registration renew, car title transfer, etc visit the official website.

For more information about registering, buying, selling, or taking out-of-vehicles you can visit Pennsylvania’s official website. If you still have any queries, here are the few frequently asked questions, just read them.

PA car titles FAQ

FAQ Vehicle Title Transfer PA

  1. What should I do, if I lost my title?

Apply for the duplicate title that would cost a few bucks(around 53 USD). Usually, the fee for duplicate car titles is also the same as that of the original one.

  1. What is the minimum age required for registering the motor vehicle?

There is no specific or particular age limit for the registration of the vehicles. However, there might be a few limitations or requirements for the insurance company that you have chosen. So, make sure you check the insurance policies and rules.

  1. How much time does it take to receive the registration card?

If you have opted for the online mode of registration, then it will print the registration credential immediately. Or else, you have to wait for 10 days.

  1. What should I do if I haven’t received the registration card?

Even if you have not got the registration card, no worry. You can apply for the duplicate card and number plate replacement. For this, you have to fill the MV-44 form.

  1. How and when do I need to contact the PA DMV office?

To know more about the specific vehicle title information, you should contact the DMV. Everything would be mentioned in the PA DMV official website. Make sure to visit the website frequently.

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