Utah Title Transfer A Complete Process

Can I transfer a Utah title online?

Citizens of Utah have to carry a car title if they own a vehicle. To get a title you have to submit some of the documents and then the car owner has to complete the application form for a certificate of title with the DMV. It is very important to get a title transfer if you owe a car in Utah state.

Utah Title Transfer
Utah Title Transfer

Car title transfer Utah


Car title shows the ownership of the vehicle. Whenever in the state Utah citizens buy the car then they have to get a car title and validate their ownership. But if the real owner wishes to transfer the ownership to their relative, friends or loved one then they have to know the process of transferring the title. This article will help you know how you will transfer the title of car.


What all documents are required to complete car title transfer


  •         The seller has to complete the title assignment on the title certificate
  •         Completion of title application form of the vehicle
  •         Proof of vehicle safety
  •         Submission of the title transfer fees


How to transfer a car title in Utah

Both the buyer and seller have to complete the title transfer form whenever a second-hand vehicle is sold. Title is treated as evidence of ownership so it’s better whenever you wish to sell, purchase or donate the car then they have to follow the procedure of title transfer.


Requirements of title transfer in Utah are:


  •         You must get an identification number inspection
  •         You have to pay all the property tax
  •         You have to pay DMV application registration fee
  •         You have to pay all the taxes that are required


These are some of the requirements that are to be done before transferring the title of car.


People also ask :

Transferring a Vehicle Title When You Have an Out-of-State Title
  1. The original out-of-state vehicle title.
  2. A completed application for a certificate of ownership.
  3. A complete Utah vehicle registration application.
  4. Proof of a valid UT vehicle insurance policy.
  5. Proof of identification (ex. A valid driver’s license)
What You’ll Need to Do to Transfer your Vehicle Title in Utah. Complete the title assignment on the title certificate, and provide bill of sale and odometer disclosure (if applicable). Complete vehicle title application form. Provide proof of vehicle safety/emissions inspection.

3.How much does it cost to transfer a car title in Utah?

Bring all of this information, along with the payment for the title transfer fee and sales tax to the DMV office. The transfer fee is $6, and the sales tax will vary from city to city in the state
Although not legally required, the Utah DMV advises and provides private sellers with a bill of sale (form TC-843) to use when selling your car on your own. The bill of sale provides proof the seller has legally transferred ownership of the vehicle to the buyer.
In general, you may be asked to provide the following in Gauteng as well as in other provinces and areas:
  1. Filling up an application for registration or certificate of title. …
  2. Fees regarding title transfer.
  3. Damage disclosures. …
  4. You will have to complete a bill of sale.
  5. A smog check to verify the vehicle.





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