Arizona Title Transfer

Overview of Arizona Title Transfer !!!

[UPDATED 2022]

Arizona Title Transfer
Arizona Title Transfer

Do you want to transfer your title to another individual’s name ? But not sure when to do so and how to carry out the whole procedure.

Well !! Looks like you have come to the right place. You shall find all the answers to your queries regarding the Arizona title transfer procedures. 

First of all transfering a title refers to transferring the ownership of goods in another person’s name legally. It is very important to have the registrations and titles transferred for better safety in the future to avoid any legal chaos later on. 


Car Title Transfer in Arizona:

You require a car title transfer in order to sell your car or if you want to purchase a car. You are also bound to get the title transferred in your name even if you borrow a car from any of your relatives on a permanent basis. 


You must be the legal owner of the car in order to claim possession over the car. Being a resident of Arizona calls for precautions, as there are very strict rules for the title transfer. 


If you purchase a car on a loan in Arizona and until you pay the entire loan amount the title is not transferred in your name. Once the complete payment is done you will receive the title transfer via mail from the seller of the car. 


How To Transfer A Car Title In Arizona:


In order to transfer the car title you need to follow the below mentioned steps. 


All you need to do is, 


  1. You shall require a notary witness for the completion of the transfer process. 
  2. You need to sign on the back of the title in the respective compartments
  3. You need to get your name printed on the title after the completion of the form and visit the DMV office. 
  4. The last step carries the payment of the legal fees for the procedure. 

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