Indiana Title Transfer

Indiana title transfer

Indiana Title Transfer
Indiana Title Transfer

All countries have made a mandatory rule that whoever purchases or sells the vehicle must own a title that shows the ownership of the owner on that vehicle. When you wish to sell the car then it is very important that the title needs to be transferred to the individual to whom it is sold. But it consists of a process that you need to know. This article will help you learn how you can transfer your title.


If you have planned to buy or sell the car you have to give notice to the Indiana Bureau of motor vehicles that you are planning for transferring the title. Process of transferring the title varies depending on the vehicle.


Car title transfer Indiana

If you want to sell, donate your car to anyone then you can do it by car title transfer Indiana. But it requires certain procedures which has to be followed compulsorily. Car title plays a very important role as it is mandatory in every state it shows that it belongs to the person who is driving it.


How to transfer a car title in Indiana ?

Car title is a document which is a proof that tells everyone about the owner of the vehicle. If a vehicle is purchased on lease or if you buy it on finance then technically it belongs to the owner only until you pay the whole amount.


Some of the documents which are required for transferring the title

You have to submit two forms and:

  •         Proof that shows you are the resident of Indiana
  •         Proof that shows that vehicle belongs to owner
  •         Fees that has to be paid

The whole process of the title is the same for both the cases when you purchase a new car or when you give your ownership of a car to another person.

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